Police Department



Location and mailing address:

185 Lincoln Avenue

P.O. Box 171

Nunn, CO 80648


Contact Info:

Phone: 970.897.2561

Fax: 970.897.2866


Dispatch: 970.356.1212 option #1

Traffic Accident Reports

Traffic accident reports that were completed by an Officer from the Nunn Police Department are available online through CrashDocs.org. Please use the button below to locate your accident report.

crash docs




You can submit an online crash report using the Online Crash Reporting System.  The reports submitted online are filed with the Department of Revenue directly.  Please contact the Department of Revenue at 303.205.5600 for copies of reports.  (opens in new window).

Records Search & Retrieval fee (1 hour minimum)$30.00/hr 
Evidence viewing (1 hour minimum)$50.00/hr

Copies of evidence (Photos/DVDs/Media)

1 hour minimum plus equipment & supply costs 

BWC/Dashcam video retrieval (1 hour minimum)$60.00/hr 
BWC/Dashcam video redaction (1 hour minimum)$60.00/hr 


Records can be obtained by downloading the form below and returning it to the police department.  Please see form for the best way to return your records request.  

Records request form 

The State of Colorado requires a certified inspector or a law enforcement agency to inspect the VIN to ensure it matches the vehicle that is being registered and to verify that the number has not been altered or is not fictitious. VIN verification is usually requested when attempting to register a vehicle with an out-of-state title, if the vehicle was purchased outside of Colorado, or if the vehicle hasn't been registered for long periods of time. For the verification process, please bring any official paperwork with the VIN verification form - the title, previous registration, bill of sale, insurance card, etc.

This service is free for Nunn residents and first responders and $25.00 for out-of-town residents.  

VIN Verification Form 


** Please note that we are no longer offering certified VIN inspections. 

Please visit the link below for current registration forms. Registration forms MUST be returned to the Nunn Police Department in person. A current/valid ID is also required.

The Nunn Police Department is currently enrolled in the Federal 1033 Program, which allows local law enforcement agencies to receive excess Department of Defense (DoD) property that might otherwise not be utilized.  Certain types of this equipment are categorized as "controlled" property, which includes items such as small arms/personal weapons, demilitarized vehicles and aircraft, and night-vision equipment.  Controlled property always remains the property of and is accountable to the DoD.  Some of the items we may request could include ammunition, night vision, armored and tactical vehicles, command and control vehicles, riot protection gear (batons/helmets/shields), breaching apparatus, robots, and small arms.  Please note this notice does not ensure acquisition of stated property, as all property is on a first come basis with all participating LEAs in 49 states and four U.S. territories.  When a law enforcement agency no longer wants the controlled property, it must be returned to the federal agency for proper disposition.  We welcome and are required to seek the input of our communities where controlled property could be used.  For inquiries into the program please visit: CDPS 1033 Program

The Nunn Police Department is currently hiring for the position of Police Officer.  This position will be open until filled.  

  • Full-Time position (40 hours per week)
  • Valid Colorado driver's license
  • Must be Colorado POST certified. 

Please complete the Personal History Packet below and return in person to:

Nunn Police Department 

185 Lincoln Avenue

Nunn, CO 80648

Contact information:   Chief Florence

                                   rflorence@nunnpolice.org - 970-897-2561 x 305


Personal History Packet